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Hydrostatic Road sweepers

    Scarab Hydrostatic Road sweepers are world leaders in the technology and design of Advanced Sweeping Vehicles, by remaining committed to one guiding principle. the pursuit of innovation and excellence. The world-wide success of the Scarab Minor is the result of many years of research development.

    Scarab Minor Euro 2 TDI
    The Scarab Minor Euro 2 TDI is a powerful & compact urban road precinct sweeper, incorporating the legendary Hydrostatic Sweep System enabling quiet efficient operation and superior suction performance.

    Over a decade, hundreds of these highly effective, but wonderfully simple & reliable compact sweepers have been produced and successfully operated throughout the U.K., Europe, The Middle East and Australia.

    Optional High Volume Water Street Wash
    Optional High Pressure Water Jetting Lance
    Gully clearing using the Lightweight Flexible Suction Wander Hose


    Scarab Major 700
    This advanced concept in Heavy Duty Suction Road Sweeping Vehicles, incorporates the latest technology of Hydrostatic Transmission and Hydraulic systems, to operate the Transmission, Suction Fan, Sweeping Brushes, and Auxiliary services. The Scarab System provides the Operator with a machine offering the LARGEST PAYLOAD and HOPPER VOLUME commensurate with a given chassis size and type, together with a minimum of moving parts for reduced servicing. By only having the single vehicle engine, which is tested to the latest emission legislation, gives REDUCED EXHAUST POLLUTION and FUEL CONSUMPTION, makes the Scarab system one of the most environmentally friendly heavy duty road sweepers

    Scarab Major 3000 5000 6000